Jojo's Tanking Build
Guide by Jojo Last update at Mar 17th 2014, 14:21

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    Jojo's Tanking Build

    First let me say that this is a work in progress as the game is not out yet.

    This build generates lots of threat while providing mitigation and avoidance. It uses the core abilities of an tanking Engineer. That I believe every Engineer will want to have, which are the following.

  • Flak Cannon
  • -The Volatility builder

  • Particle Ejector
  • -The threat builder

  • Hyper Wave
  • -The real taunt

  • Shatter Impairment
  • -The oh so amazing CC breaker, now with absorb!

    Then we have the optional or "interchangeable" ones. Which I have picked up

  • Disruptive Module
  • -This gives everything you want. Threat, Volatility and Shields. It even buffs shields when you have tiered it up to 4. "Increases your Shield Mitigation to 75% for 6sec" That is a reason you want to keep this ability on cooldown at all times.

  • Unsteady Miasma
  • -The field that's placed on the ground generate some threat while providing a great debuff to enemy's standing inside of it. Base it makes the enemy miss 25% of its attacks on you. but I can be tiered up to a max of 33%. I would like to keep this ability up as much as possible.

  • Zap
  • - An Interrupt is useful but you should focus on surviving instead of tiering it up.

  • Personal Defense Unit
  • -This is an amazing cooldown to have besides your innate. Base gives you 25% reduced damage but can be tiered up to a max of 65% reduced damage. the cooldown is quite short but it is still worth a slot. After the damage reduction has ended. it gives us a little absorb. which also is a plus for choosing this ability.

    Other Abilities you could use are:

  • Bruiser Bot, Either as a 100% reduced damage cooldown or the tier 4 deflection buff. BUT! not both!
  • Feedback, If you have high deflection this might be good.
  • Shock Pulse, As an alternative volatility builder.
  • Recursive Matrix, a Raid "cooldown"
  • Code Red, The other.. taunt.

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    As for AMPs

    Support Tree:

  • Deflect: 3 points -Core AMP
  • Deflect Crit: 3 points -Depending how much you have on gear you can tier this down.
  • Support Power: 2 points -This can be a good gauge for your threat generation.
  • Emnity -A good booster to threat gen.
  • Boosted Armor -Core AMP. Basicly a +18% constant armor buff in combat.
  • Disruptive Module -For the ability, Duh!

  • Utility Tree:

  • Cooldowns: 3 points -For anything with a cooldown! like Innate and PDU
  • Reckless Dash -Free volatility for meeee
  • Deft Restoration -For that extra shield gain.

  • Other Trees:

  • Strikethrough: 3 points -We need to hit the bosses to do threat
  • Maximum Shield Capacity: 3 points -The more the better!
  • Helin' Hand -More healing is never bad.
  • Dirty Tricks - Gives more Deflection, which isn't bad.

  • This should give you an all round good loadout with enough threat to hold aggro and sufficient mitigation and avoidance to survive.

    Might add a section about stats when im free.